What is Moodle?

If you are searching for a software which can help you easily manage a web based training course, then you need to consider Moodle. Moodle was developed particularly for educators, teachers and lecturers, who desire to publicize their expertise online. Moodle is an open–source app, which you can get absolutely free.

Regardless of the fact that Moodle is definitely a specialised niche web application, it still boasts an extremely proactive and productive community. There are hundreds of zero cost themes and plugins that improve existing primary features or even incorporate unique abilities to the Moodle web app. Also, there are a large number of websites and discussion forums, dedicated entirely to Moodle.

Moodle is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas and shares no connection with Netspeed Web Engineering.

Online Learning Shared Hosting Services

Assuming that you run an online course for pupils, your web site needs to be constantly available on the internet, irrespective of how many individuals are visiting it all at once. At Netspeed Web Engineering you can receive special Online Learning shared hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. This means that irrespective of what will happen, your web site will always be on the internet.

Each of our Online Learning shared hosting packages furthermore feature limitless disk space, limitless data traffic and limitless MySQL storage. To kick–start your educative web site, we additionally provide 100% free domain name registration or domain transfer. On top of that, we are going to set up Moodle for your web site the instant you join. Thus, when you first log in inside of your control panel, you can have your Moodle site already available on the internet, waiting for you.